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Invictus深圳 | Sports Festival,快乐原来这么简单!

发布时间:2021-04-23 16:37



Invictus Preschool is excited to announce our very first Sports Festival! Each member of the Invictus family has been working hard and is looking forward to welcoming our parents on this very special occasion.

In order to give our students the best experience, our teachers prepare for the festival under the hot noon sun.


The festival starts at 15:00 right after signing up and taking pictures


After going through the timetable, games, and rules;


And now, the students are ready to join on the stage. Take a look at all the creative banners they made for their classes!


We invite everybody to warm up before starting our games! We play two warm-up songs to get everybody ready: First is an individual and the second is a parent-child exercise.



When we get ready for the games, we first start with the children competition. This part of the activities is comprised of 7 different games: Hopscotch, Pitch-pot, bowling, basketball, football, golf and baseball. In each game, students participate and earn points. Each of these games has been chosen to give our students to have a chance to experience different sports and to learn more about them. When this part is finished, teachers evaluate the students’ performances for the awards ceremony.



The second part of our activities is the caterpillar race! This part is designed to allow parents to actively participate in the festival with their children. Here, parents ride the caterpillars with their children to win the race!


The last part of our activities is tug-of-war! This game is reserved for parents only and aimed to have a friendly competition between our classes. Each of the three classes takes part in this activity and in the third round, the winner class gets the first place in the award ceremony!


颁奖&闭幕式Awards ceremony&Closing

The last part of our Sports Festival is the awards ceremony. We welcome all students to the stage to present their medals for their performances in the children games. We also have excellence awards for those whose performances are extraordinary. We finish our ceremony by giving rewards for the parents’ performances in the tug-of-war game

激动人心的颁奖典礼来啦!从孩子们洋溢的笑容里, 我们看到了孩子们胜利的喜悦。

We would like to thank all our students and parents for their participation and their great performances. We hope that you’ve had a great time, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the next Sports Festival!


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